Why music & sound are your best allies to score more shoppers, more often and get them spending more money.


Increased marketing ROI and more sales. Sounds good?

Music & sound not only can make your ads more noticeable, but also more memorable, likable and buzzworthy. Audio can move people around stores faster, or slower, have them spending more, and even improve their preconceptions of quality. In short, more shoppers come more often and for longer, when exposed to the right soundtrack. 

For e-retailers and digital-first businesses, the same applies. Music & sound does more than enrich the online experience, it leads to direct and measurable uplifts in ROI.

For over 20 years, MassiveMusic has helped retailers, e-retailers and quick-service restaurants harness the power of music & sound. We’ve made music with A brands such as Selfridges, McDonald's, eBay, O2, Kaufland, and Nespresso. Our Global CEO even wrote a paper on this.

The right sound can increase in-store spend by 9.1%

Sound can drive your brand’s physical-to-digital transformation

Sound improves the effectiveness of your ads between 20-30%

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Sound can increase in-store spend by 9.1%

Research, including our own, shows that strategically curated music can influence consumers directly. Be it their preferences, behaviour and/or perceptions, the right music puts visitors in the right mood to spend more money and time on-premise. In addition, music & sound can drive the attention of buyers to specific areas, products or in-store consumer activations.

Sound can drive your brand’s physical-to-digital transformation

As more shoppers shift online, retailers need to explore how to best connect with customers who can’t touch, taste or smell the products they’re buying. Music content, sonic branding and distinct UX/UI sounds present an opportunity to create multi-sensorial digital experiences, enhancing your e-commerce journey and connecting better with customers in the absence of physical interaction.

Sound improves the effectiveness of your ads between 20-30%

Sonic branding amplifies the marketing impact of all your advertising, boosting the reach, memorability and helping your brand stay top of mind in relevant buying situations. Research by WARC and the Goldsmiths University shows how adding music to an ad increases brand affinity by around 11%, and that the earned media arising from John Lewis' music-driven Christmas campaigns increases campaign impact by 75%. It's not surprising that the IPA Databank shows that TV ads featuring music prominently are 20-30% more effective than ads that don't.

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