THE power of sound in the car of the future

Remember when the finance industry went digital? That’s got nothing on this.
Here’s how sound could empower the next generation of vehicles.



Innovation means change and, as uncomfortable as change can be, it opens up so many opportunities. What will you do with the power made available by an electric car? How will you spend your unlocked time when cars drive autonomously? How can in-vehicle sound improve your personal performance, provide edutainment, and improve your overall wellness?

The future of autonomous vehicles is around the corner. Yes, they’ll have the power to drive us from A to B, but knowing what this means for passengers (and car brands) can make all the difference.
Welcome to the era of Conscious Vehicles – a time for automotive giants to go beyond limited notions of functional automation, embracing more empathetic technologies designed to predict and improve our emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.
At MassiveMusic, we’ve been working with Studio Tom Middleton on exploring the science of sound and vibration to change one’s state of mind.
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Just the start of what's possible:

HOW SOUND WILL OPEN DOORS IN the car of the future


As vehicles get smarter, they should (and could) offer more. For most people, their car is the most immersive sound experience they own. And it has the potential to become a 360° high-quality environment that can enhance lives and wellbeing.

Picture this: your car is driving itself to a meeting, and you're immersed in a meditation specifically designed to help you focus and feel more confident. And if your car’s special sensors and microphones could detect your stress levels while you're being driven home from a stressful experience? How cool would it be if they created playlists with songs and sounds to help regulate your emotions? Or again, imagine you're running a taxi service, and your vehicles start playing music that calms rider behaviour leading to safer journeys.

The power sound has to enhance the in-vehicle experience is almost limitless. The opportunities are there, they just need seizing.


Driving is a time-consuming activity. So when cars go autonomous, this will unlock huge amounts of freedom to pursue other activities. From learning a language to infotainment experiences about the areas you're driving through – the in-vehicle experience is about to be elevated. All with sound and its core supported by immersive audio and directional speakers.


Meditations to improve focus and success, learning a language while you're travelling, and a flow of entertaining information about your surroundings. The switch to autonomous and electric will improve vehicle performance, and immersive sound-based and vibrational experiences can improve personal performance in almost all aspects of our lives.

This is a massive innovation. And it needs MassiveMusic:

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Studio Tom Middleton is an award-winning Sensory Design and Wellness Innovation studio. We leverage sensory sciences and transformative technologies to create impactful solutions. Alongside our neuroscience and behavioural psychology lab, we collaborate with academics, designers, technologists and innovators to push the boundaries of music and wellbeing. Our mission is to transform human suffering - that spans mitigating anxiety and stress to improving sleep, recovery, productivity and flow.

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