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The automotive industry has always been intrinsically linked to sound; think of roaring engines, car lock beeps, navigation sounds, the music at the dealership, or the soundtracks from their ads –all can evoke feelings of power, excitement, and status.

As vehicles go electric and get more advanced, both in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle experiences are becoming more sophisticated and audio-relevant than ever. From voice-activated interfaces and "earcons" -sonic cues that inform when an action has been completed or if something needs your attention- to mobile, wearable and smart assistants apps that allow owners to monitor, control or interact with their vehicles remotely.

We at MassiveMusic can help you turn the sound of your automotive brand into a holistic and ownable sonic strategy to make your brand stand out from the crowd, boost your marketing effectiveness and keep your customers engaged.

The right sonic identity can boost your advertising effectiveness up to 30%x

Sonic branding elevates both the in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle experience while building a distinctive identity

Through the right music, you can effectively enhance your brand image

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